Full Time company was born in 1999, when Paolo Pica and Roberto Verbigrazia, two qualified instructors of several sport areas decided to start a project . It’s a very active company who invented, and has still been improving, a skateboard teaching methodology where the coaches splitting the trick into different parts support actively the learner step by step; as a result the teaching approach is similar to one used by other acrobatic sport. This methodology is deeply explained on the book wrote by Paolo Pica:Skate. Metodologia tecnica e propedeutica degli elementi base dello skateboard – Come imparare a fare Skateboard con il Metodo Full Time.” Miraggi Edizioni, Torino 2011.

Attending skateboard classes everyone can join the fun reducing the learning time protocol and the risk of falling.

The lessons are based on the use of modular transportable structures which can be used by the entree level skater as well as by the expert.