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The Projects

The projects “IL METODO FULL TIME: LA PRATICA DELLO SKATEBOARD IN SICUREZZA” e “CRESCERE INSIEME” are addressed to the school, focusing on:

  • Improving the skateboarding practice through a safe and progressive methodology, which dividing the learning trick protocol and employing the active coach assistance, make the skateboarding practice easier than before, decreasing the risk of accident.
  • Watching the sport practice in a educative way, which link people of different religion, race or ideology, a way that has always been living inside the sport soul.

Both projects are developed during the school time table and are divided in two steps: the first part a full time coaches’ show; the second part a ten hour course addressed to the students.

We have been the guest of the following dates through these projects:

  • On 13 / 03 / 2013, MUNUCIPIADI A.S. 2012/2013 closing day organized by ROMA CAPITALE MUNICIPIO XII EUR c/o Centro Sportivo Olimpico dell’Esercito.
  • On 07/04/2013 SULLE ORME DEL PAPÀ sixth edition a no competitive running game organized by A.S.D. “Esercito & Giovani” c/o il Centro Sportivo Olimpico dell’Esercito.

“Lo Skateboard con il metodo Full Time” is addressed to the gym to people of different skateboarding level from the entry to the expert level. Through modular transportable structures we build a temporary skatepark directly on the available gym area.